cubicles vs offices

it’s nice to be able to take a couple of hours at work and hide in an office to get some work done. i wish i had the option to do this all year long, but it’s only available for the current task.

I’ve only had a real office once in my life. I’ve always worked in some sort of cubicle. Some have been worse than others, i would say the current one is one of the best. But man do i miss the privacy and quiet of an office… i could work for hours longer, cubicles make me just want to run away from work.

Whoever came up with the “open space” kinda office design deserves to go to hell for all i care, they ruined a good thing. If you can’t collaborate outside 3 walls and a door you’re an idiot and you need another kind of job.

Anyway, that’s all i have to bitch about today. On the bright side the levels of stress are slowly reducing to the average for my anxiety riddled brain.

Looking forward tomorrow rather than dreading it, and it’s lovely.

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