lazy saturday

all i’ve done today is wash my bedsheets.

other than that it’s been a lazy Saturday of just laying in bed and listening to music, watching youtube, keeping it chill.

it sounds easy but i actually struggle with doing nothing, not because I’m incapable of it, but because my brain is going in 5 different directions and screaming internally how i should be doing more.

maybe i should, but maybe i should give myself permission to do nothing.

And that’s what today is all about. I have a long weekend so i still got time to be productive, but for now, is over and out.

1 thought on “lazy saturday”

  1. Sometimes you DO need to give yourself permission to do nothing. Especially when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything. Personally, I find it hard to deal with guilt, if I know there are a number of things I need to do. -_- Writing a list has helped me to maintain some form of focus. 😀

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